Fire Starter Kit

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With Augason Farms Fire Starter Kit you have 24 FireOn® disks, a portable stove and 4 boxes of waterproof matches, perfect for cooking, camping, emergency situations, barbecues, fireplaces and wood stoves. Each FireOn® disk can be used as a fire starter or as a sole heat source. Ideally suited for outdoors they’re water repellent and wind resistant and effortlessly started with a match, just light the edge of the disk and you’re ready to go. Disks will not flare up and they burn slowly and evenly. An intact disk will burn for up to 30 minutes. Keep plenty of disks on hand for use in an emergency because, when other means of cooking or heat fail, this Fire Starter Kit can be a lifesaver.

  • Includes portable, folding stove, waterproof matches and FireOn® Fuel disks
  • Keep on hand for emergencies when other means of heat and cooking fail
  • Use for cooking, camping, emergency kits, BBQ’s, fireplaces, hiking, wood stoves
  • Each disk evenly burns up to 30 minutes and burns in gusts up to 30 mph
  • Divide disks into smaller pieces for shorter burn times and to conserve fuel


  • Total Quantity:24 FireOn® Fuel disks
  • 1 Portable Stove
  • 4 Boxes Waterproof Matches


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