Emergency Essentials 5-Day Emergency Kit Komando Edition – QSS Certified


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Proper nourishment, clean water and emergency gear—the three things that should be a part of every emergency supply. This QSS™-Certified 5-Day 1-Person Emergency Kit has you covered with all three, securely stowed in a tactical backpack that’s ready to grab at a moment’s notice.


This kit is QSS-Certified, which means it provides a minimum of 1,800 calories and 40 grams of protein per person, per day. It’s food that you can survive and thrive on—something very few other kits can provide.


Humans can’t live without water for much more than three or four days, which is why this kit includes two sources of clean water: a 22-ounce filtration bottle that filters up to 60 gallons of water (more than enough for five days), and three cans (34.5 ounces) of ultra-purified water with a 50-year shelf life. So, you’re set on water.


Proper gear must provide protection and safety. Not only does this kit include a FREE HybridLight™ (a $35 value), it also provides fire-starting tools, a reflective blanket (doubles as sleeping bag or tent), nylon rope, a survival whistle, dust masks, multi-function tools and of course first aid.

QSS Seal of Quality: The Gold Standard in Emergency Food Calories and Protein

Most emergency foods sold today don’t contain enough of the core nutrients needed to keep you and your family energized and focused in a survival situation.

That’s why we’ve created the first Quality Survival Standards™ (QSS™). Foods certified with the QSS seal are guaranteed to provide a minimum of 1,800 calories and 40 grams of protein per person per day. This is critical in emergencies, when higher-than-usual stress means your body demands more protein and calories to stay energized.

When your life depends on your food, insist on the QSS seal of quality.


High-Protein Chocolate Meal Shakes 8 individually packaged meals; 480 calories and 29 grams of protein each; prep in pouch; up to 20-year shelf life.
High-Protein Vanilla Meal Shakes 7 individually packaged meals; 480 calories and 28 grams of protein each; prep in pouch; up to 20-year shelf life.
Cherry Vanilla Granola 8 servings; 1,920 total calories; up to 25-year shelf life.
Banana Chips 8 servings; 1,520 total calories; up to 10-year shelf life.


Ultra-Purified Emergency Water (3 cans) 50-year shelf life; 11.5 ounces per can; one can hydrates one vanilla or chocolate meal shake (add one can of water to pouch, reseal, and shake until dissolved).
Water Filtration Bottle 22-ounce bottle; filters 60+ gallons; removes 99.9% of bacteria; reduces bad taste and odors; reduces chlorine.


FREE HybridLight™ ($35 value) Bright LED shines at 150 lumens, 40 hours of light on one charge, solar panel charges via sunlight and ambient light in eight to 12 hours, micro USB port charges in two to three hours, USB port for charging mobile devices, holds charge for seven years, 4,000 mAh Lithium-ion battery, measures 2” closed and 5.3” opened, weighs just seven ounces, hangs anywhere with fold down metal hook.
Tactical Backpack Rugged, military style (MOLLE); lifetime warranty; heavy duty nylon strapping for attachments; muted color does not attract attention; mesh straps and back panel for comfort and moisture evaporation.
Emergency Sleeping Bag/Tarp/Blanket Waterproof and vapor proof; reflects 80% of radiated body heat; measures 84”x 36” open, folds to 4.5”x3”x2”; constructed with 0.95 mil reflective material; weighs 3.7 ounces.
Dust Masks (2) N-95 rating; flat folding; great for dust and smoke; reduces spread of disease
Multi-Function Tool Stainless steel tool with pliers; wire cutter/stripper; knife blades (2 lengths); screwdrivers (3 flat head, 1 Phillips); bottle/can openers; file; ruler; fish scaler; hook remover.
5-in-1 Survival Whistle Whistle; signal mirror; waterproof match box; flint; compass.
50 ft. Nylon Paracord Countless uses such as: safety line; securing shelter; tourniquet; clothing/food line; fishing line; animal leash; pulley system; animal snare; hammock; and more.
Magnesium Flint & Steel Fire Starter Lights fire without a match; waterproof; shavings burn at over 500 degrees; 1,000’s of strikes before ferro rod is depleted.
FireOn® Disc Fire Starter Burns 20 minutes; can break into smaller pieces for shorter burns; wind resistant; water repellent; works with portable stoves for food prep.
45 Piece First Aid Kit For minor cuts and scrapes, includes: alcohol wipes (6); antiseptic towelettes (6); 2”x2” gauze pads (4); butterfly closures (3); ¾” x 3” adhesive bandages (15); 3/8” x 1½” adhesive bandages (10); first aid antiseptic (benzalkonium chloride); antiseptic cleanser (isoprophyl alcohol); first aid guide.

Kit Specs:

Calories: 2,128 per day
Protein: 95g per day
Servings: 6 per day
Kit Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz (6.1 kg) (excludes shipping container)
Shelf Life – Food: Up to 25 years*
Shelf Life – Water: Up to 50 years*

*Water stays fresh for up to 50 years and food stays fresh for 10 to 25 years (based on food type) when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. First Aid Kit shelf life varies; please refer to “Best By” date on container for details. Individual storage conditions may effect kit’s actual shelf life.

When Your Life Depends on Your Food, Look for QSS Seal of Quality. Click here to learn more about Quality Survival Standards.


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