Dehydrated Peanut Butter Powder

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Peanut Butter Powder is a staple in many households. Used on sandwiches, smeared on celery or mixed into cookie dough, the versatility of this dehydrated peanut butter powder is undeniable. Making it a part of your food storage will mean you have access to peanut butter at any time. Whether you’re in a pinch making sandwiches or are planning to use peanut butter in your 72 hour kit, adding Augason Farms Peanut Butter Powder to your food storage is something you won’t regret.

  • Zero grams of saturated fat and a fraction of the total fat found in regular peanut butter
  • Use for long term food storage, emergency preparedness and survival food
  • Add to almond milk, a banana and ice for a yummy morning smoothie (or, once smoothie is mixed, sprinkle some powder on top and gently stir)
  • Dust buttered toast, popcorn, brownies, cakes or cupcakes with the powder
  • Add to chicken breading for your next stir fry
  • Mix with cream cheese for a tasty apple dip
  • Stir a tablespoon into cookie dough

Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

Total Servings: 65
Total Calories: 3,900
Calories per Serving: 60
Container Size: No. 10 can with lid
Net Weight: 2 lbs (907 g)
Shelf Life: Up to 5 years*

*Shelf life up to 5 years when unopened. Best when stored in a cool and dry place at temperatures between 55°F and 70°F. Actual shelf life may vary based on individual storage conditions.


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